Design is the language we speak: design of strategy, creative and content management.

At Design House we work best with clients who recognize the importance of taking a strategic approach to brand building and effective communication tactics. Experience has taught us that the process is a delicate balance of push and pull — and that the most successful projects comprise a balance of both. The design that positions us is the symbol of what we become.

We’ve earned a solid reputation for providing superior service. We deliver projects that combine strategic thinking and extraordinary creative wrapped in timely technology that best suits the needs of our clients — and theirs.

Established in 1984, Design House is a multi-disciplined design and marketing consultancy specializing in website development, logo design and publications.

Words, images and dimensions are the tools of our team, which comprises skilled and experienced consultants specializing in graphic design, web development and the creation of interactive educational tools and exhibits. With time and wisdom we’ve refined the skill of telling stories through the language of design.

Reflecting our community and our passions, the Design House client list includes government agencies, non-profit associations and private business especially within the tourism, cultural heritage and community health sectors.

At Design House, we like to think we transcend borders with the communication and marketing tools we create. The world is smaller because we do — in turn, we create a richer universe.