Inbound Marketing: Smart Steps for Small Business

Most entrepreneurs wouldn’t buy a home or draft a will without hiring a lawyer. And at tax time, many of us automatically package up our books so an accountant can file accurate year-ends. We do this because we understand the benefits of professional skill and advice.

Likewise, when it comes to protecting our livelihood and investing in future growth, it’s the smart small business owner who understands the importance of wrapping our marketing budget in a targeted strategy.

But if you have a new business with limited resources, where do you start? Or if you’re well established but overwhelmed with the seemingly endless choice of tools and tactics that are integral to online marketing, how do you choose the platforms that will serve you best?

cover and page spread of inbound marketing - smart steps for small business

Inbound Marketing: Smart Steps for Small Business is designed to help small business owners like you
better understand how to connect and build community with your buyers. It will help you market in the year you are doing business, and give you a leg up on the competition.

Use it to decide which roles you can take on in-house, and when to reach out to a professional marketing consultant to effectively promote your small business.


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