The Best Time to Start a Blog Was 20 Years Ago

The Best Time to Start a Blog Was 20 Years Ago

The second best time is today. And today is the day for me! But why now and what took so long?

To Engage

My mom always said I loved to talk. But starting up a cold conversation can be a daunting task. In May 2015, I joined the local chapter of BNI, and since then the frequency of business-based conversation in my day has multiplied exponentially. And I’m loving it!

Because, as a creative thinker who embraces the concept of collaborative models, I’ve learned that rich conversation is at the heart of building healthy community. If we can feel safe sharing within a framework that accepts differing points of view and skill sets, we’ll deepen the connection between service provider and client.

To Teach

To quote inbound marketing guru Marcus Sheridan, “Content marketing is a culture — we can all be teachers.”

Hosting a blog means I can purposefully create content that’s relevant to my target audience: small business owners and service providers. It means I can extend the reach of our conversations and help others by sharing ever more broadly.

To Validate

As a small business owner myself, this blog is also a personal challenge. It means I’m going to woman-up and literally put my money where my mouth is.

I aim to prove that by strengthening my online voice, I will in turn build awareness for Design House and expand our client base. And as I have for the past thirty plus years, I will leverage what I learn for the benefit of others — business, non-profit and municipal partners alike.

To Inspire

As always, I continue to encourage my peers to do the same: to embrace a sharing strategy that makes our whole greater than the sum of our parts.

Inbound marketing, content marketing, social marketing or emarketing — whatever we want to call it. We all need to jump into the proverbial sandbox and learn how to play with others by embracing the tools and tactics of online communications.

I’m in!