Smart Team Pages Can Help Build Your Business

Smart Team Pages Can Help Build Your Business

As we track user analytics and behavioural flow on various client websites, inevitably one of the most visited pages is the team page.

That’s because with the rise of social media, promoting and doing business online has become much more personal and face-centric. We want to see the faces of the professionals we’re dealing with and who we’re buying from.

screen capture of Kelly + Kelly website team page

The Kelly + Kelly Lawyers team page features professional portraits, short bios and links to the social media accounts of the firm’s partners.

First Impressions

As the old adage goes, we have only one chance to make a good first impression. That’s why the first step in building an engaging team page is to invest in professional portraits of you and your staff.

Work with your photographer to ensure that your corporate head shots have a common look and feel: consistent background and lighting, similar colour scheme for clothing, and effective size. As employees come and go, ensure that these guidelines are consistently adhered to as new team members are added.

Your best bet is to hire an experienced professional photographer and explain your needs. She or he will provide samples of various business portrait options for you to choose from. Before you meet, browse other websites and share ideas that reflect your business brand and website template.

screen capture of team page from scott rosien black and locke team page

The corporate team section of the scrolling homepage for Scott Rosien Black and Locke Accountants features the firm’s partners, manager and staff accountants in business attire. Users can connect with each team member directly via the email icon.

Look and Feel

If you’re developing a new portal, it’s most likely based on a pre-designed website template that will be customized to reflect the look and feel of your company’s band identity. Alternately, you’ll work with a web developer to custom design a new website from scratch. Either way, you’ll want to ensure that the style of employee headshot you choose fits with the overall design of the website.

If your website is crisp and professional, make sure your team photos are as well. On the other hand, if your business calls for a more folksy approach to website design and content, take headshots that reflect a more casual approach.

The professional portraits your photographer provides will have to be properly sized to fit the layout of your website. Work with your graphic designer and/or web master to properly scale these images.

When team photos are uploaded to the website via your content management system, ensure that they are labeled and tagged with the proper metadata to increase your SEO (search engine optimization).

screen capture of lavallee health centre team page

The Lavallee Health Centre website features a growing team of personal health and wellness professionals. Clicking on a team portrait takes the user to a detailed profile page, complete with personal approach, call-out quote and professional credentials.

Making the Connection

To facilitate communications, an interactive team page should feature graphic hyperlinks for each team member, linking online users to individual email and social media accounts. The easier it is for users to connect with you online, the more inclined they will be to do so.

Above all, make sure that the face you put forward on your corporate team page is true and honest. When your customers meet you in person, they need to make the connection between your online presence and reality.

When properly developed, a great corporate team page goes a long way towards building engaged relationships with your client base. It’s all about putting your best face forward!

screen capture of valley window and door team page

The Valley Window and Door team page features the company’s management and sales staff, in casual attire and warm smiles. Scrolling over each portrait displays a short bio and email hyperlink.


Rebranding a Small Business: Valley Window & Door

Rebranding a Small Business: Valley Window & Door

Established in 1985, Valley Window and Door, a well-established Pembroke business was in need of a brand make-over.

The company logo had strong bones but its application was inconsistent: green, yellow and black on most signage, solid green on job sites, and blue on many of the service vehicles.

When it came to messaging, the most often used taglines — and there were several — were either too vague or too narrow in scope: Windows For Life, and Turning Dreams Into Reality.

Owners Jeff Jessup and Ian Lloyd wanted to rebuild their corporate brand by bringing consistency and impact to their visual identity, and targeting their messaging to better reflect the range of products and services they offer all year ’round.

First we drafted a marketing strategy in which we defined target markets, buyer personas, traditional and online marketing tools and tactics, a 12-month media calendar, and an annual marketing budget.

Logos for Valley Window and Door - old and new

As with any good rebranding project, we started by reworking the corporate logo. We simplified the icon and standardized the wordmark. Then we established a contemporary and pleasing colour palette and accommodated flexibility in its application.

To correct the assumption that home renovation contracting is only a fair-weather service, we drafted a tagline that said it all: Your Home Renovation Experts | 365.

When it came to applying the new brand, we started small by updating the corporate business cards featuring head shots by John A. Butler Photography.

Valley Window and Door Business Cards

Then our Design House team rebuilt the Valley Window and Door website, transforming it from a technical portal into an engaging online portfolio of the company’s product and service offerings.

screen capture of valley window and door website

Wrapping it in the refreshed corporate identity, the new website features a wide range of enticing product photography and concise yet detailed text content.

Google Analytics show that the Valley Window and Door blog, which features helpful posts on how to care for windows, doors, sunrooms and decks is proving to be very popular for visitors to the site. And the Get A Quote form is very effective in capturing leads and contact info of potential clients. On the back end, the customer database is building.

Reflecting the Ottawa Valley culture where personal relationships are key to business success, the Valley Window and Door Facebook business page has always had a solid following of family, friends, clientele and suppliers.

In spring 2017 to count down the end of a two-month window promotion, Design House created a series of boosted Facebook posts that ran one per day.

Thanks to strong visual imagery supplied by Valley’s suppliers and simple bold graphics, this first foray into inbound marketing proved to be a very affordable, engaging and successful marketing tactic.

Over time, Design House plans to work the Valley Window and Door inbound marketing strategy by rolling out social media posts and ads that by far out-perform traditional media spends. As well, the new brand identity graphics and colour palette will be consistently applied as signage, store and vehicle graphics are updated.

Watch for it, for years to come — just like the Valley Window and Door staff and job crews — this refreshed corporate brand will be working 365 to boost the success of the longstanding local business that it anchors.

Talk Directly to Your Buyers Via Branded Emails

Talk Directly to Your Buyers Via Branded Emails

A recent article in Renovation Contractor magazine stated that businesses embracing email marketing enjoy 40% higher revenues on average. For most entrepreneurs, that’s a number that can’t be ignored.

Top Sharing Tool

The world of social media offers an ever-increasing variety of tools and tactics, but the simple fact is that email was the first online sharing tool, and it remains the most widely used.

While many of us use email to keep connected with family and friends, email has also proven to be a very valuable inbound marketing tool for small businesses with modest budgets.

The Money is in the List

The cornerstone of every effective inbound marketing strategy is your database of current contacts. Use social networks to funnel new users to your website or blog, then capture new leads by offering free incentives or exclusive deals. For optimum results tag and sort your contacts according to buyer profiles, matching target markets with the products and services your offer.

On average, 20% of your email database will stale-date each year, so it’s crucial to keep it current by scrubbing bounced addresses and refreshing email contacts on a regular basis.

Authenticating all email addresses will help prevent your emails from turning to spam, so it’s best to ask permission as part of the sign-in process. In Canada, that’s a best practice and the law.

Email Builds Brands

In today’s business environment, email trumps traditional communications. Archaic marketing tools like the dreaded cold call, and expensive print media and postal costs have been replaced with branded emails that are dynamic, direct and highly engaging.

When used strategically, branded emails share targeted messaging timed to reflect client profiles and user algorithms. And from a budget perspective, email is by far the best buy for your buck. It costs marginally more to distribute an email campaign to 4000 contacts, than it does to reach 400.

Tools of the Trade

Smart marketers are using engaging emails to:

  • say thank you for recent work
  • distribute monthly or quarterly e-newsletters
  • email appointment or service reminders
  • send personalized renewal notices
  • promote special offers and discounts
  • invite referrals and reviews on social media

Remember to keep your content engaging so your audience will stay subscribed — and even better — forward your emails to others. Always link back to relevant content on your website or blog. Use a responsive template to accommodate mobile devices, and integrate auto-responders to provide follow-up emails at preset intervals.

The Numbers Have It

Another key feature that pushes email well above traditional telemarketing and snail mail as a must-have inbound marketing tool, is that emailing platforms such as Constant Contact and MailChimp provide unprecedented user analytics. This means you can track who receives, opens and clicks on the content you’re sending out.

As a smart entrepreneur you’ll use these stats to shape and schedule follow-up campaigns to effectively engage your buyers.

Studies show that for every dollar invested in email marketing, businesses enjoy a $44 dollar return. By my math, that’s an investment worth leveraging.