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Spark Joy!

When it comes to redeveloping a client's website, we follow many of the lessons espoused by world-famous Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo. Lesson 1: Sort Content by Category One of the first things we do as part of every website redevelopment project is define the navigation. We do this by drafting a

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Targeted Marketing Connects You With Loyal Customers

Smart business owners use the rifle approach when they're clear about the niche they want to target with their marketing. Here in the Ottawa Valley, we like to say that we embrace FIVE seasons each year: winter, spring, summer, fall and hunting! If you’re a local, you know that come September through November

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Shopify or WordPress? Take the Quiz

Pick the Best Option for Your New Website Are you in the process of planning a new website? Having trouble defining project scope? Take this quiz to find out which option best suits your needs:  Are you selling products online? Yes Not too sure No Are you planning on managing your website on

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A Team Page Can Help Build Your Business

Most Website Visitors Will Browse Your Team Page As we track user analytics and behavioural flow on various client websites, inevitably one of the most visited pages is the team page.  That’s because with the rise of social media, promoting and doing business online has become much more personal and face-centric. We

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Brand and Automate Your Email Marketing

Email Marketing Offers 40% Higher Revenues Businesses embracing email marketing enjoy 40% higher revenues on average. For most entrepreneurs, that’s a number that can’t be ignored. Top Sharing Tool Social media offers an ever-increasing variety of tools and tactics, but the simple fact is that email was the first online sharing tool, and

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Market For Today and Into Tomorrow

Market For The Year You're Doing Business Most small business owners aren’t marketing in the year in which they’re operating — words of wisdom from online marketing guru and venture capitalist, Gary Vaynerchuk. The same goes for newspaper advertising. Browse through your local daily and you’ll notice that it’s mostly editorial. Gone

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How To Market Your Small Business

Start With a Marketing Plan Every business that wants to success needs a marketing plan — even if it’s only one page to start with. Focus on the coming year with an eye to the next two to four. Choose your marketing team and engage them in a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities

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Be The Expert: Start a Blog

The Best Time to Start a Blog Was 20 Years Ago The second best time is today. And today — December 3, 2015 — is the day for me! But why now and what took so long? Engage My mom always said I loved to talk. But even at the best

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At Design House we work collaboratively to build online communities on behalf of our clients.
Design is the language we speak: design of strategy, brand identity and rich online content.

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