Valley Window and Door

Valley Window and Door is a long-established business serving customers throughout the Ottawa Valley.

When we first started working with VWD we set out a marketing plan that included a refresh of their decades-old logo, developing a tagline and creating a set of supporting brand graphics.

In 2016 we launched the new Valley Window and Door website, and since then it’s been a solid performer as a virtual showroom for this home renovation firm.

Based on a dynamic WordPress theme that’s been customized to reflect the Valley Window and Door brand, this responsive website features a selection of eye-catching images illustrating their product line in mostly residential and some commercial applications.

The site also includes an informative blog, comprising a selection of illustrated articles relevant to the planning, installation and care of windows, doors, awnings and sunrooms. User stats indicate considerable interest in these custom blog posts.

From an SEO perspective, the site incorporates a full complement of keyword alt text and metadata, and engaging internal hyperlinks.

The site also displays a set of customer testimonials, providing social proof reflecting the company’s high quality products and services.

On an interim basis, we also plan and publish original content to various social media platforms, and track user analytics monthly to leverage best results.


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