Start By Calculating Your Current Spend

It’s never easy to talk about money — but in business it’s always top of mind. So when we put a call out for questions, it was the first one that came in: “How much does online marketing cost?”

Quick answer: “Much less than traditional media.”

I just checked in with a peer who’d hosted a booth at a regional trade show. Their spot wasn’t the greatest. Geographically they were pushing the limits of connecting to their target market. And it cost $2000. My first thought was she could have bought a lot of social media with that kind of money!

Shift Your Budget

Add up your marketing budget for last year. If you’ve been investing in print or electronic media — or trade shows — I guarantee you’ll reach a more targeted market with less money by switching to online marketing platforms. And if you’ve been using snail mail to deliver your print promotions, then your savings increase exponentially.

By shifting your spend towards an affordable online marketing strategy, you’ll leverage the best of social media: free platforms and low-cost engagement tools to reach an ever-expanding, organically grown network of family, friends and business connections. That’s why it’s called viral marketing.

Work Your Plan

Remember, we’re shifting your spend to get more bang for your buck – from traditional offline marketing to measurable inbound marketing tactics.

By doing it right, online marketing is sure to pay off!

Photo: Snapped this portly pig on the gift shop door of Ravine Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

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